Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bad News: Now in Video Form

Just to expand on the Arctic Ice Minimum issue a little bit:

A pretty nice (if depressing) little summation.

One of the things I think is very peculiar, and that seems to receive infrequent commentary is that the US military has no doubts about climate change issues.  Here we see a Navy scientist discussing an impending ice free Arctic in the summer.  This, of course, has serious strategic consequences for the Navy, and they take it seriously.  It's bizarre to me that one of the most trusted components of the US government could internally take a position different from that of the government at large, and that the public doesn't seem to know, or to care.  Very strange to me.

Of course, the unwillingness of people to accept data for what are ultimately political reasons is strange to me as well, even though it shouldn't be.
We are, after all, only a bunch of irrational, clannish primates.

(tip of the hat to P.Z. Myers for the video)

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